certification EMT

One of the first responders to the emergency calls is the emergency medical technicians or also known as the EMT. If you are interested to become the certified EMT, you need to attend certification EMT training. Do you know exactly what EMT is? Emergency medical technicians or also known as the EMTs are actually the medical first line of defense in which an emergency situation happens. The EMTs give the first medical treatment for the patients or the victims of certain situation of disasters. Typically, they administer particular treatment and give medical attention to the patients before they are transferred to a hospital.

People may be interested in becoming an EMT because EMT may be one of the most rewarding career choices. Since it is a rewarding job, you need to attend certification EMT training to become certified. There are actually several types of EMTs based on the levels of certification. These include the EMT-B, EMT-1, EMT-2, EMT-3, and also EMT Paramedic. In other words, each level of EMT training has different certificate. Higher certification may have greater opportunities for the EMTs. This also means that to get certain certificates, the EMTs want-to be have to attend certain levels of EMT training from the basic one to the most advanced one.

Certification Based on Levels of EMT Training

The lowest level of certification EMT training is called the EMT-B. Basically, the EMT-B emphasizes on the basic procedures while out in the field. Each state may have different procedures for the EMT-B certification. However, they are allowed to administer glucose and oxygen. Administering activated charcoal and epinephrine can also be done by EMT-B, in which they are supervised by a medical professional. A step above EMT-B is called the EMT-1. If you have certification EMT training for EMT-1, this means that you are allowed to administer additional medical attention unlike the EMT-B. EMT-1 is also allowed to administer Narcan, D50, intubate, ET tube, nitro tablets, and more.

A step above EMT-1 is called EMT-2 which basically has taken the certification EMT training which is more advanced than the EMT-1. The EMT-2 can administer additional prescription medications. However, they are still supervised by the medical professional. After going through training, you can also become an EMT-3 which can help patients with cardiac care. To become an EMT-3, typically you are required to attend an additional 50 hours of training. In addition to that, to be a certified EMT-3 you need to have taken care of 10 patients and also 10 venous punctures.

The highest certification EMT training is called the EMT Paramedic. To become a paramedic, you need to attend EMT Paramedic training. The EMT paramedics can actually act as directors or the supervisors of emergency medical services. The point is that the job depends on the setting or depends on where they are located. Typically, the paramedics have fewer regulations. It is because they have to take care of the patients while in transport. However, they are still under the supervision of a physician.

EMT Paramedic certification EMT training can be taken after going through each level of EMT training. Paramedics have more expanded responsibilities than other EMTs because they can administer shock hearts, administer 30 different kinds of medications, make new airways, deliver babies, and more. The responsibilities of a paramedic in each state may vary. It depends on certain regulations. In short, there are several levels of certification EMT training. It is never wrong to continue fulfilling the educational requirements to become a certified emergency medical technician. So, if you want to get involved in this rewarding career path, it is better for you to focus and then start attending EMT training.