EMT Jobs

EMT Jobs are based on the training levels of becoming a certified emergency medical technician or also known as EMT. This means that to respond to health crises and provide the pre-hospital medical care to the patients while in transport, you have to be an EMT which is required to have gone through several levels of training and certification. Being an EMT is more like a stepping stone to other occupations like fire fighters. EMT Jobs may be different depending on the training and certification level. This means that each level of EMT training emphasizes on particular things which are basically different.

There are three levels of EMT Jobs.

These include the EMT basic, EMT intermediate, and also EMT Paramedic. Since the jobs are different in each level, this means that each level has particular training and education requirements. The state requirements may also vary because there are several types of state standards or the national standards for emergency medical technicians. Want to know the EMT Jobs in each level? Read the following information about the jobs in EMT training based on each level of training and certification.

EMT Jobs Depend on Training and Certification Level

EMT JobsThe first step of the emergency medical technician is the EMT basic. This means that to be an EMT-B, you need to attend the EMT basic training. The EMT Jobs for the basis EMT typically involves the pre hospital treatment. Usually, in a state of emergency, EMTs are the first responders to the patients before they are transported to a hospital. EMT basic is required to take care of the patients while in transport by giving first aid that includes CPR, splinting, immobilization, and a few specific medications. To get the certificate of EMT B, you have to attend the training which takes approximately 110 hours. Other than that, you may also be required to take the national registry of emergency medical technicians (NREMT) exam.

If you want to be a more advanced EMT, this means that you have to take higher level of EMT training. Typically, after passing the EMT basic training, you can start taking intermediate training to become an EMT. EMT Jobs in intermediate training involves more treatments. They are allowed to administer more treatments than the basic EMT. The treatments include cardiac monitoring, defibrillation, and intravenous fluids. The thing is that there is no longer certification for the intermediate EMT. Therefore, it is better for you to continue to the paramedic training to get the certificate of EMT.

In EMT Jobs, the paramedic is certainly the most advanced standard certification for pre hospital health care providers because the paramedics are allowed to administer more treatments to the patients. For example, they can read EKGs, administer IV, oral medications, intubate patients, and many more. Possessing paramedic certification is the same as earning an associate degree in college. To apply for the paramedic training, you are required to complete the EMT basic training and have at least one year experience of working as an EMT-B.

After taking several levels of EMT Jobs from the basic to the paramedic, some people are interested in pursuing the greater goals in their career. As mentioned earlier, being an EMT may be a stepping stone to get other occupations. Usually, people may take post paramedic training to pursue the greater career. In the EMT Jobs for post paramedic, the paramedics can become fire fighter, work in aero medical crews, work as the Wilderness EMTs, and many more. If you want to get these kinds of occupations, you are required to work as a paramedic for several years.