EMT Salary

The EMT Salary may vary based on several considerations including the educational level or the training level, gender, and location. Well, before we talk about the EMT Salary, let’s take a brief overview about EMT. EMT or also known as the emergency medical technician is one of the first responders of an accident, disaster, or any other medical emergency. Most of the EMTs may work with fire fighters, police, and other emergency medical services. To become a certified EMT, there are several levels of training needed to be attended. This means that there is a classification of EMT based on the training level. These include the EMT Basic, the EMT Intermediate, and also Paramedic.

The EMT Salary depends on the level of training or certificate possessed by the EMTs. If the EMT pursues the more advanced training, this means that they can earn more income. This means that each level of EMT training has different income or salary. Typically, the EMT Intermediate can eat 10% more than the EMT Basic. In the meantime, as the highest level of EMT training, the paramedics can earn 20% more than the EMT Intermediate. Other things that affect the EMT Salary include gender and outlook. To know more about the salary for EMT, you can simply check out the following information.

EMT Salary: Education, Gender, and Location

EMT SalaryThe EMT Salary that can be earned by EMT Basic may range from $21.326 to $31.743 per year. In the overall pay structure, the EMT Basic can also earn some bonuses that may range from $99,82 to $997 annually. Typically, EMT Basic lacks of health benefits such as medical, dental, and vision. In the meantime, the EMT Intermediate can earn 10% more than EMTs with basic certificate. The EMT Intermediate can earn approximately $23.583 to $34.051. In addition to that, like EMT Basic, the EMT Intermediate can also earn additional bonuses that range from $100,92 to $976 per year. The thing that differentiates EMT Basic and EMT Intermediate is that the EMT Intermediate can have health benefits.

Based on the EMT Salary, the highest salary can be earned by paramedic. To be a paramedic, you have to pass the EMT paramedic training and certification. A paramedic can earn 20% more than EMTs with intermediate training. The annual salary for a paramedic may range from $26.521 to $41.984. In addition to that paramedic can also enjoy additional bonuses that range from $102,75 to $1.037 per year. Besides, the paramedics also have health benefits. They can enjoy 77% medical coverage.

Besides the level of education, training, and certification, the EMT Salary also depends on gender. Even though EMT career may be dominated by men, the gender role is still one of the considerations in earnings. The female EMT Basic may earn 27 to 30 cents more per hour than the male EMT Basic. In the meantime, the female EMT intermediate can earn from 36 cents to $1 per hour than male EMT Intermediate. However, in the paramedic level the male EMT paramedic can earn from 25 to 68 percent more than the female EMT paramedic.

Top States and Areas with the highest EMT Salary

The top highest paying states for EMT’s and paramedics are: 
District of Columbia: $49,870,
Alaska: $48,050,
Hawaii: $47,920,
Oregon: $44,570,
Washington: $43,530

The top metropolitan areas with the highest annual wage include:
Tacoma, WA Metropolitan Division: $65,880
Coeur d’Alene, ID: $62,070
Anchorage, AK: $52,310
San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City, CA Metropolitan Division: $50,950
Portsmouth, NH-ME: $50,630
Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV Metropolitan Division: $50,190
Olympia, WA: $49,840
El Centro, CA: $48,950
Portland-Vancouver-Beaverton, OR-WA: $48,600
Harrisonburg, VA: $48,070

Top paying non metropolitan areas are the following:
Linn County, Oregon: $56,740
Northwestern Washington: $50,760
Railbelt / Southwest Alaska: $50,470
Southeast Alaska: $49,970
Eastern Washington: $45,590

The EMT Salary also depends on the location where they work. It has been reported that the demand of EMTs in many areas has been increasing, whether in the metropolitan areas or in smaller rural areas. The demand of the EMTs may also affect on their earnings. Therefore, some people may be really interested in becoming EMTs because of career opportunity. In short, the EMT Salary depends on the level of training and certification, gender, and the location.