Seeing My Ex-Wife Move on Prompted Me to Lose Weight

When my wife left me, I found myself eating a lot of junk food. She is an amazing cook, and she made our dinner every night. After our divorce, I didn’t have the heart to learn to cook. So, I turned to ordering pizza and a lot of other unhealthy foods. When I felt ready to date again, I had put on a lot of weight. The best Nutrisystem for men reviews online pointed out that it is easy to lose weight by simply purchasing the meals they offer. There’s no need to bother with learning how to make a lot of foods that are super healthy because you can just purchase it from them. I figured that I would try it out.

My wife and I were together for 12 years, and because we have no children, there was no need for her to keep in touch with me. I would have loved to keep her as a friend, but she told me outright that she wants to move on and not talk to me anymore. I drowned my sorrows in pizza, ice cream and a lot of other things. I found myself unable to move past the fact that she left me for a long time. So, I just kept eating and paid no attention to the weight I was gaining.

When I saw my ex-wife out with another man and saw that she was holding his hand, I was devastated at first. But it was the perfect kick in the pants that I needed to force me to wake up and move on. But being really overweight did not seem like something that would interest most women, so I jumped on the Nutrisystem plan that I had learned about. I actually look forward to my different meals each day. It also costs me a lot less than ordering pizza and other foods that are bad for me.

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