What are actually the jobs that EMTs are responsible for?

EMT training jobs may be a rewarding career path, especially for those who are interested in saving people’s lives, contributing in certain emergency situations, and the like. The emergency medical technicians are basically the first responders or the first care providers in the emergency scenes whether in accidents, fire-related accidents, disasters, and many more. The emergency medical technicians are responsible for administering first treatments for the patients before they are transferred to a hospital. This means that the EMTs take care of the patients while in transport to a hospital. What are actually the jobs that EMTs are responsible for? Check out the following information.

EMT Training Jobs

The EMT training jobs actually range from a more basic treatment to a more advanced treatment. This means that not all type of EMT can take care of the same concern because there are several levels of EMT. There are three levels of EMT including the EMT Basic for basic treatment, the EMT Intermediate, and also the EMT Paramedic. Each of the certification to become an EMT also requires certain levels of training. If you want to be an EMT, you have to attend a basic training or also known as EMT basic training. After that, you can also pursue higher levels for EMT Intermediate and Paramedic which deal with more advanced treatments for the patients.

In the basic EMT training jobs, the EMTs are trained in revival techniques. They are trained to provide first aids for the patients. This may include administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation or also known as CPR, and they may also administer treatment for the distressed patient in order to relieve the trauma. The basic EMT training jobs may also include administering mouth to mouth treatment and clearing the patient’s airway. The EMTs with basic training are not allowed to use defibrillators in order to give shock to the patient’s heart. They are not allowed to administer intravenous fluids either.

The basic EMT training jobs can also provide the patients with the basic injury care by using certain equipment such as a tourniquet in order to relieve the excessive bleeding. They can also help stabilize a broken leg or arm, and also help the patient awake. The main point in the basic EMT training jobs is that they are only allowed to administer basic treatments to the patients.

If you want to be a more advanced EMT, this means that you have to attend higher level of EMT training which include EMT intermediate training and also EMT paramedic training. With higher level of training or certification, you are certainly trained to provide to administer broader treatments to the patients. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to take higher level of training. For example, in intermediate or paramedic EMT training jobs, you are allowed to administer more treatments, and you are also allowed to use more equipment unlike EMTs with basic training which only deal with basic treatment and equipment.

Since the EMT jobs vary in terms of responsibilities, this means that the salary for EMT training jobs varies as well. The salary for emergency medical technicians is basically based on several factors. These include the levels of training or certification, gender, and also location. The most obvious thing that makes a different in EMT earnings is the level of training. EMTs with basic training earn the lowest while EMTs with paramedic training earn the highest salary. Based on the levels of EMT training, the EMTs with intermediate training can earn 10 percent more than EMT Basic, while the Paramedics can earn 20% more than intermediate EMTs. The salary of EMT training jobs also depends on gender and location where they work.

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